Sunday night… monday morning (yuk)

Here’s to a good start to the week… and some stuff I didn’t have time to mention before…


I’ve been at home all weekend…kidding. This is Kenwood House, one of the most underrated places in London……and

this is for a friend of mine (who likes lamps) and who has recently suffered a disappointment from which I know she will quickly recover, principally because she is in the magazine business and she knows what matters in life.. hint.. not the stuff on the page..


A few cute things from  London fashion week I didn’t mention before:

boys in shorts serving drinks at Acne (quite right too….)

my friend Yana ‘Intelligence Squared‘ Peel’s fabulous nails… as seen during coffee at the lovely Delaunay


cute girls at the Burberry show…

good gloves to start the week in……

namaste x

1 comment
  1. L’adore!

    The blog is deliciously you and your voice and wit and irony and divine trend spotter indeed 🙂

    Will visit again……

    The Kenwood shot gave us a yummy giggle.

    Needed That.

    _tg xx

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