The couture show and a moment of ‘Spring’

Prepping a show is always fun. Couturier Anna Valentine’s show more than most because it’s tiny, everything is beautifully made and…Anna’s workroom (and fantastic team) are upstairs, so if you suddenly say ‘we need a pair of shorts’ they appear, immaculately made and pressed within a few hours. Here’s a quick blow by blow..

Anna trying on the designs and making notes the day before…

Anna’s office

we decided not to use this hat, but it’s gorgeous isn’t it?

We used these….

we try and photograph all the looks on Anna before her show and decide how they will work and what accessories we will use…

show time…..

models always look cool even when they have just climbed out of bed early in the morning…

makeup artist fixes feet dyed by shoes in a previous show…

the best makeup artists are always soooo neat, even under pressure…

lots of Chanel and Bobbi Brown

touching up the makeup pre-show

the art of quick-change….two girls, one flight of steps and 20 outfits

in full flow…

up the stairs and into the salon….

coming back down for a quick change….

walking out of the salon after ‘the twirl’…

in the salon itself during the show…

‘the girls’ before the last show. No matter how much self-confidence one has working with models like these is a challenge….

I made a quick visit to Spring Studios between shows for a meeting. They are doing some really cool stuff in web design and print…. not least because they sell SWEETS and great CAKES… in their cafe/bar…




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