naughty lingerie in The Wall St Journal and OGD (one great dress)

i forgot to mention that last week I wrote about great dresses in my column. Its a fantastic season for them and there are countless options to choose from:


this week however, I wrote about naughty lingerie and… after some severe editing from NYC it made it into the paper. At one point we had a crystal whip and some nipple tassles on the page, but those got edited out. Shame, but quite right too. It is a family paper after all…….check the piece out here: sexy pants.

1 comment
  1. Hmmm.

    Knee frowns.

    First time vocab alert!

    And we actually felt the ferocious scrubbing of heels.

    Love this piece.

    Especially the slightly cross princess-y sentence about letting one’s escort (in a non-paying sense of the word) to carry one’s phone and keys for a change – grin 😉

    _tg xx

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