hot pants, DVF/Gapkids and a big fat Bollywood birthday party

I wrote about products that make working out easier in my WSJ column and I mentioned that I’d ‘Bikramed‘ (yes it is a verb in my vocabulary) in my Zaggora Hotpants . Several people were moved to suggest that was simply not possible… stay tuned because next time I’ll photograph them as soon as I take them off after  class – think microwaved cellophane wrapper…complete with fetid pools of moisture.  Now I come to think about it , it is rather like giving your bottom half a steam not to hold onto that image…

Clever Gap: their DVF for kids line doesn’t fit adults. I know because I tried.  ‘You can’t take pictures’ grumbled an unhelpful sales assistant in their Hampstead branch. OK then, but I might just be a style blogger about to write something nice about you… .

A close friend of mine threw a 50th birthday party for her husband. True to her regular inimitable form, it included a troupe of Bollywood dancers (some of whom see to have arrived by way of Norway, but  no matter) it was fun and chic and great people watching….

namaste and happy Saturdayxx

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