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Discussing Anna Valentine’s new collection with her at her gorgeous atelier in Marylebone

These are some of her existing pieces…

I will blog the collection coming together, the shows are next Tuesday…

meanwhile, talking shop (fashion and beauty) at the Riding House Cafe with my friend and all round uber zen chick Julietta Dexter…they serve beautiful Jasmine tea (you may have noticed I’m conducting a survey into who serves the best….)

I bought Marni… had to queue for the WEBSITE EVEN!!!

bought this top…. (and other stuff)… stuff selling out before you could get it into the basket. Wow.

A long dinner with VGFs..  broad ranging discussions  – first up: Marni for H&M (I say no and they say yes absolutely they’re going to the store tomorrow… we all should…)

And I’m thinking.. if everyone ‘get’s’ Marni all of a sudden then doesn’t that mean the women who used to ‘get it’ (because only a few people got it) will no longer want it?

then again.. it does look pretty good…

and, well maybe it’s worth a look….?

then we moved onto the concept of ‘courtly love’, which as ye all knowe derives from the French Amour Courtois – a code of behaviour for knights and their ladies during the middle ages.

Chaucer‘s Knight’s Tale (The first in the Canterbury) made much of this ritual which was as far as I can see an excuse for married women to flirt wildly with other handsome men at court and vice versa.  No shagging allowed (though the code was violated regularly pun intended). The most famous example being Sir Lancelot and Guinevere

Should there be a new Amour Courtois for the 21st century we wondered, only this time shouldn’t it be applicable to those of us who are separated and or divorced and beginning relationships again?

We liked some of the initial edicts (paraphrased)….

boys cannot love fully until they reach manhood – good luck with that one

a true lover does not desire to embrace anyone else but his beloved – well, ok then, but does being drunk constitute a good enough excuse?

 a new love puts flight to an old one -lets hope so

he whom the thought of love vexes eats and sleeps very little – good because yoga is becoming very expensive and my hips have begun to hurt when I run or sleep for too long in the same position…

herewith a couple of new rules of courtly love for 2012 gathered from the group.. (post pizza)

Thou shalt not speed date, speed eat or speed anything else….

Easy on the flirting. We know it’s results driven.

Bring your own TV remote.

Thou shalt not mention the make of one’s car, one’s suit or the attributes of one’s former partner unless specifically asked…(never happening)

and lets not forget what’s at stake…..

two friends have succumbed to the dreaded….

if you get these you will know that the only known cure in the UK is…

whilst in the USA its…..

and.. whilst my mood is tending more towards the..

than the full on…..

an unfortunate incident has me teetering on the edge and taking precautions, which include looking at incredible pictures like this one…erm snapped during a tour of the unspeakably good Hockney before they told me I couldn’t…

It’s called That’s Switzerland That Was ..apparently painted after Hockney visited the country with two friends and, because he was seated in the back of a van, driven at speed, saw only glimpses of the landscape. It reminds me of a good friend of mine who loves both Hockney and Switzerland…..

the other alternative is to visit….

I recommend the Nutella crepes

conversely you could cancel out the black by hanging out with a red…(she’s mine and she helps)..


The first in a long, long series of sugar fixes, this one is dedicated to my partner in sugar-rush crime, fabulous ex- Voguette, and gardener extraordinaire Anna Cryer…gelatine free Percy Pigs from M&S. Dedicated to giving us cavities and making M&S a fortune.


Here’s to a good start to the week… and some stuff I didn’t have time to mention before…


I’ve been at home all weekend…kidding. This is Kenwood House, one of the most underrated places in London……and

this is for a friend of mine (who likes lamps) and who has recently suffered a disappointment from which I know she will quickly recover, principally because she is in the magazine business and she knows what matters in life.. hint.. not the stuff on the page..


A few cute things from  London fashion week I didn’t mention before:

boys in shorts serving drinks at Acne (quite right too….)

my friend Yana ‘Intelligence Squared‘ Peel’s fabulous nails… as seen during coffee at the lovely Delaunay


cute girls at the Burberry show…

good gloves to start the week in……

namaste x

I wrote about Lucian Freud‘s relationship with fashion in my column in The Wall St Journal today (hey,  not everyone who sat for him wore nothing). Check out the piece here: Freud’s keen eye for fashion I loved the opportunity of talking with all of these fascinating people and Sarah Howgate at the NPG was so knowledgeable. I adore the portrait Freud did of the amazing Jeremy King- restaurant impresario.