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Made the very excellent Business of Fashion newsletter today with my piece from yesterdays WSJ on Uniqlo….

Great company. I love their approach of listening to both the customer and their on floor sales teams, so that they can really supply what the customer wants. They own their supply chain too which is also something Frida Giannini of Gucci said was essential to a great fashion business when I interviewed her. Three best Uniqlo pieces this season:


women’s engineer boatneck t £14.90


women’s skinny fit cargo pants £19.90 on the website


and my favourite which I’m considering buying for myself – the men’s biker jacket £59.90

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Brick Lane is still cool… I haven’t been for a while, but take a look… lights at Unto This Last cool tea and vintage shop and this… great signage… excellent people watching… and.. I can’t not mention dinner at fellow ‘Norfolkite’ Tom Aikens’ eponymous new restaurant, with The Independent’s restaurant critic Lisa Markwell @lisamarkwell…because she’s a …

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in my WSJ column I discussed a MAWD (middle aged woman’s dilemma) – many more to follow. This one was about wearing shorts.Oh yes we can. But maybe not like these at Balenciaga…..?

or these at Jil Sander…?

Jil Sander courtesy of

thinking more along the lines of these……?

or even more realistically….from

Diane von Furstenburg shorts £270

In Norfolk where I was born they do things differently…..

which is not to say that it’s not lovely… because it is.. particularly if it’s my sister and her architect boyfriend’s home….

the perfect kitchen….note the Aga..

and I promise you she didn’t style anything.. this is how she lives…really..

this fire is fantastic, chic, efficient and it smoulders all night,,,

and they still have a milkman… you know one of those men (or women) who delivers the daily pint? Note the location of the milk crate…

Very House and Garden…..

The phrase ‘Normal for Norfolk’ came about because Norfolk (for those of you who are not English) is somewhat cut off from the rest of the country and has its very own peculiarities.. which sometimes includes the people, Alan Partridge not being the best (but certainly being the funniest example)…..I'm Alan Partridge

So really, if you haven’t been then visit Norfolk….Nelson, Delia and Alan can’t be wrong…


Norfolk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s iconic, there’s impressive and then there’s just plain enjoyable… sometimes the three things go together…this week is a case in point..

My friend Sahar’s mum was obviously incredibly chic – this is her bag. She died a while ago, but clearly her style lives on, with her daughter….wow…I’ve never seen a chicer clutch..

Lunch at one of my favourite places… Claridges..

Have you ‘Mr Portered‘ yet?  Great site, clever editorial content and peerless product for men ( I buy for myself too). Bought the book The Allure of Women as a birthday gift….

sometimes, roses look best just before they ‘go’….

love  my sister’s Easter cakes…. very old school ‘buns’……

Why don’t the worlds of fashion, dance and music collide more often? They should. They are natural bedfellows. Mark Ronson‘s collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor and The Royal Ballet:Carbon Life, included performances by Boy George, Alison Mosshart, Wale and Black Cobain amongst others. Three of the pieces were orchestrated by Rufus Wainwright, costumes by Gareth Pugh and dancing by the ever sublime Royal Ballet. It would be remiss not to mention the other two stunning works: Christopher Wheeldon‘s Polyphonia and Liam Scarlett’s Sweet Violets. Bravo. Amazing.

taking a bow at the end of Carbon Life

The artists take a bow, if you can see them…

Boy George, far left…

dancers and artists together.. Gareth Pugh centre in black…

lighting and costumes amazing for the other pieces too…..Sweet Violets cast below..

first have a drink with one of the wisest (and nicest) men in London, Jeremy King, at one of his establishments (The Wolsley). He can be counted on to offer sage advice and the odd hilarious tale… see below, thanks to Mr Freud…

then, driving past a certain store the motto of which has been corrupted as ‘never knowingly overstaffed’, screech to a halt, damn near outside the front door, in the blinding realisation that everyone else in London will be out at dinner and this is thus, the perfect time to shop…..

recognise that though this is an ideal shopping moment (because the store is empty) I am: a)  questionably dressed for such an endeavour and b) engaging in the sort of weird displacement therapy that gets ‘separated’ or ‘divorced’ women a bad name.. in any case am enjoying myself far too much to leave…

now which other store in London would sell bunnies and vacuum cleaners?

Emerge from basement with a collection ticket for a new Dyson…

oh dear headed for customer collections…welcome to hell…

or not because this nice lady does a ‘bang up’ job of making the Big D carryable..

you can’t beat John Lewis, Cavendish Square… well you can…because i went on to..

check out my friend Lisa’s new Marni purchases.. whilst drinking Vodka and slimline tonic (her not me)…

The perfect night out x