how to spend a glamorous evening….

first have a drink with one of the wisest (and nicest) men in London, Jeremy King, at one of his establishments (The Wolsley). He can be counted on to offer sage advice and the odd hilarious tale… see below, thanks to Mr Freud…

then, driving past a certain store the motto of which has been corrupted as ‘never knowingly overstaffed’, screech to a halt, damn near outside the front door, in the blinding realisation that everyone else in London will be out at dinner and this is thus, the perfect time to shop…..

recognise that though this is an ideal shopping moment (because the store is empty) I am: a)  questionably dressed for such an endeavour and b) engaging in the sort of weird displacement therapy that gets ‘separated’ or ‘divorced’ women a bad name.. in any case am enjoying myself far too much to leave…

now which other store in London would sell bunnies and vacuum cleaners?

Emerge from basement with a collection ticket for a new Dyson…

oh dear headed for customer collections…welcome to hell…

or not because this nice lady does a ‘bang up’ job of making the Big D carryable..

you can’t beat John Lewis, Cavendish Square… well you can…because i went on to..

check out my friend Lisa’s new Marni purchases.. whilst drinking Vodka and slimline tonic (her not me)…

The perfect night out x




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