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It took the death of Nora Ephron one of my heroes to get me out of my sick bed. Nora was the Dorothy Parker of our age – a writer so funny and succinct that you were at once amused and infuriated that you hadn’t thought of (and written) it yourself.  I never knew Nora, but I felt like I did. We sat on the next table to each other countless times in Manhattan (The Monkey Bar was a favourite). I admired her hair and her overall look whilst she inevitably met (and shrieked with laughter with) someone famous. To look at Nora was to know that there was not only life after fifty, but great sex and the opportunity to say and write what you liked – I don’t think being under fifty stopped her either btw.



Most people know Ephron for her film work – screenplay writing and or directing: All The Presidents Men, Heartburn, Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie and Julia were all hers in one way or another. Her book ‘I feel bad about my neck‘ which chronicled her reaction to the aging process and her decision to have a little ‘work’,  became a best seller and a guide to living well and laughing for women of my generation and beyond.  The New York Times has a great obit(if there can be such a thing). It ends with a list of things Nora said she would miss: ‘Baths, coming over the bridge to Manhattan and Pie’.  If you haven’t read Nora Ephron then you haven’t lived.

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Not blog apathy but life atrophy… – I knew things were bad when a friend of mine @katemuir said to me whilst we were running ‘I haven’t seen you around on twitter lately’ – which is the modern day equivalent of saying ‘you don’t seem to be getting out much’.

So, here’s where I’ve been in the last two weeks (discounting a couple of visits to the local ER -see life atrophy)…


Chelsea Flower show.. the cool old boys – aka The Chelsea Pensioners and the L’Occitane garden

chelsea pensioners at chelsea flower showchelsea pensioner at chelsea

ever wondered what the judges at Chelsea looked like… i have.. see below….

l'occitane garden at chelseajudges at chelsea flower show


Eccentricity abounds…

british stuffwell, it is Britain…

home of the well informed (tipped off) paparazzi – here they are outside my house- not for me (obv) but for some other poor female trying to push her baby on a swing in my garden square.. Nice.


I suppose you could accuse me of the same for taking a pic of these cute waiters at the Orlebar Brown party… but I mean, how could you not…?

orlebar brown party

here’s Julietta Dexter at the Orlebar party making Versace look very good… note the yoga body..


here’s the Orlebar Brown pop up truck. Genius idea. Watch out for it…

orlebar brown pop up truck

how great are these flowers done by a guest for a wedding at my local in Primrose Hill?..aaahh…x

flowers at The Lansdown Primrose Hill

on that note to finish….lanterns over primrose hill

lovely lanterns and the moon over Primrose Hill…