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my column in today’s WSJ: The holy grail of SmartCasual or smasual….

as evidenced by……The Kennedys – then

The Kennedys do casual..


and inevitably.. The French..

Ines courtesy of her book Parisian Chic

of course, men do it better than women…. (see Ryan Gosling)

and they always have….see Pablo Picasso – the master..

Namaste x

People always ask me what I like about The Hamptons – is it the chi-chi restaurants, the chic shopping, the smart people or the spectacular houses? Actually it’s none of the above. What I like about Long Island (for I do not live in what is technically termed ‘The Hamptons’) can be summed up in these pictures…..Image

the dock at the end of my road….

Imagefriends on the beach…

Imagejust another day at … the beach…

Imagethe bay where I Stand Up Paddleboard…

Imagemy local library….

Imagegreat runs….

Imagedog walkers…….

Imagepossibly the world’s most expensive deli with the world’s best iced tea and coffee cake (see above)

and then, obviously there are a couple of totally Hampton’s like things which, inevitably, one can’t help but be fascinated by….

Imagethe most beautiful house in the village…..

and well, I’m just going to say it – though it does me no favours whatsoever…..

the second hand Hermes bag store in Southampton – yes they really are Hermes (and Chanel and Celine and Bottega) and yes these guys source them from everywhere – no website yet – why? Because they are TOO DAMN BUSY to build one…I know it’s shallow, but visit if you can, because it’s a wonderful historic treasure trove of bags (as they used to be….)Image



Only in New York

I’ll bet he does yoga…..

In the summer when the temperature reaches 90 degrees plus, New York City comes into its own.. as a place of unbearable, unremitting humidity, delicious insanity and occasionally and somewhat incongruously, a haven of pastoral serenity…..

fishing in central park

Fishing and Mac’n’cheese in Central Park

artist in central park

abandoned easel and paints….

statue of liberty

Melting Statue of Liberty….

Le Caprice in New York closes

Even the all time greats sometimes can’t make it here… Le Caprice RIP..

Barneys new shoe emporium

Barneys new vast shoe emporium…very cool in more ways than one..

La Duree window


Macaron stop at airconditioned Laduree.… on Madison


is 45rpm the coolest store in Manhattan/on the planet…? I think it might be…..

Catcher in the Rye

JD Salinger‘s The Catcher In The Rye...on sale at The Strand bookshop on 5th at 61st, the book with the chilliest  Central Park references….remember how Holden‘s hair begins to freeze at the duck pond?

If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know this was Central Park – right?-

To find this tiny and very beautiful lake take the entrance at around 60th and Central Park South and head west along the bottom of the park…..

Backblogs occur all the time – by this I mean you get so bogged down with other stuff that you just can’t, don’t or won’t blog and then as time passes you grow resistant to putting fingers to keyboard – wondering if it really matters, and really, who the heck cares in any case…. Well that’s my excuse- but also check out two of my all time fave bloggers: Justine Picardie

Justine picardie

and Dominique Browning

dominique brownings blog

for much better reasons to not be blogging – a wedding (hurrah) and some challenging life issues. OK, so both these bloggers are peers of mine and I admire them greatly, but even if I didn’t I’d be urging you to check them out – they both write with such humour, grace and dignity.

So, in an effort to end the backblog of my own pathetic blogging record – – here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to  in the last few weeks:

Location: Long Island, here are some snaps:

Stylish small person at Heathrow

best dressed traveller at Heathrow

The best bikini store? Malia Mills  Southampton NYC

Southampton NY bikinisI

I like her approach to swimwear – she embraces all sizes, makes great stuff that as a friend of mine puts it ‘doesn’t move when you and your breasts jump into the pool’ – great colours and fabrics too

Malia Mills bikini shoot

This is how she merchandises and displays: cool -no?

C Wonder

Free Candy at C- Wonder Chris Burch’s new store  (AKA the ex- Mr Tory Burch). Now we’re talking…

eating an icecream

You don’t have to be a Euro to eat icecream at Sant Ambroeus but it helps. And you must be dressed properly to do so….

Hamptons children's scribbles

And on that note… only in The Hamptons would a child’s doodles be the above… -pretty good twin C Chanel logo though…

Pimped Vespa at C-Wonder

I hate football (soccer) but I love my son… which is why I let him persuade me to take him to a Chelsea v Paris St Germain game at Yankee Stadium, which is a beautiful stadium….

Chelsea FC versus Paris St Germain at Yankee Stadium

Totally different atmosphere to the UK….lots of well behaved fans and not a C word to be heard. And I don’t mean Chanel……

Before I blog off, a word about the Olympics coverage from here. I LIKE IT! OK so before they lifted their paywall you couldn’t stream live events via the NBC website, but now you can…

NBC London 2012 logo (thanks NBC)

and frankly there’s nothing better than going for a swim, sitting down in the shade with an Iced Tea and chanting ‘USA, USA!’ followed swiftly by ‘Come on GB!’ -( for those of us conflicted by dual nationality)..

namaste and thanks for having me back….xx