Not quite The Hamptons, second hand Hermes and…the deli

People always ask me what I like about The Hamptons – is it the chi-chi restaurants, the chic shopping, the smart people or the spectacular houses? Actually it’s none of the above. What I like about Long Island (for I do not live in what is technically termed ‘The Hamptons’) can be summed up in these pictures…..Image

the dock at the end of my road….

Imagefriends on the beach…

Imagejust another day at … the beach…

Imagethe bay where I Stand Up Paddleboard…

Imagemy local library….

Imagegreat runs….

Imagedog walkers…….

Imagepossibly the world’s most expensive deli with the world’s best iced tea and coffee cake (see above)

and then, obviously there are a couple of totally Hampton’s like things which, inevitably, one can’t help but be fascinated by….

Imagethe most beautiful house in the village…..

and well, I’m just going to say it – though it does me no favours whatsoever…..

the second hand Hermes bag store in Southampton – yes they really are Hermes (and Chanel and Celine and Bottega) and yes these guys source them from everywhere – no website yet – why? Because they are TOO DAMN BUSY to build one…I know it’s shallow, but visit if you can, because it’s a wonderful historic treasure trove of bags (as they used to be….)Image



  1. oh! deep sigh! how delicious.

    especially that library.

    one imagines a late evening with a pencil and a pad of good stock basildon bond paper, writing letters home, after a day at the beach, new freckles appearing, a pile of novels waiting to be checked out from the librarian (wearing a vintage pale primrose sweater and a sensible tweed to-the-knee).

    gorgeous pixs, T.

    _tg xx

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