Sweets, wearing festive black and panic gifting…

Sunday Times Style section

Sunday Times Style section

Just to make you feel better about eating lots of sugar over the next few days here’s my piece on sweets which I wrote for Style, The Sunday Times.

Not sure all of you will be able to read it unless you have a subscription… but still, just know that if this your idea of heaven……..

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

………you are not alone.

Wear black tomorrow – here’s why…..

Alexander Wang














And, just in case you have any last minute gifts to buy…..here are my last words on the subject See below for my favourite panic purchase..

Aspinal Hip Flask

Aspinal Hip Flask



1 comment
  1. due to jet lag we raided the (mini, being L.A) chocolate biscuits in the sweetie-basket in our hotel room and felt suitably festive so glad to know we’re in Good Company 😉

    waving merrily from a winter-white-linen-strewn bed at the 1950s style avalon hotel nestled at the foot of the hills-of-Beverly.

    hope to see you early in 2013?

    much, much love, tg xxx

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