Here’s my piece on the blockbuster Bowie exhibit at the V&A (their fastest selling event ever)

EW-AO347B_bowie_G_20130321163140and then beards… (of the hairy variety..)



namaste and happy sunday x






Chanel grows its own Jasmine in Grasse for No5….

The farm is owned and run by the fabulous Joseph Mul (above) and his family and harvested by a loyal team of pickers…





When at Chanel’s Jasmine harvest naturally one wears.. Chanel wellies…


pickers at the weigh in–Jasmine flowers overnight and can only be picked during the morning..





the flowers are loaded into trays and  the pickers load their baskets into the back of their van and head for their lunch…meanwhile the harvest heads for the processing plant…





where it goes through multifarious processes…. which ultimately create an absolute- the liquid used in the No5 fragrance formula…  Other highlights of the day included… the Chanel PRs who naturally.. wore great accessories…

and the Tuberose (which I had never seen growing in fields before). Chanel also grows its own roses for No5 at the Mul’s farm….












Two of the women I most admire, separately told me over the years me that they view nail polish as essential to their daily lives. Since one is a war reporter and the other a human rights campaigner I had to take them at their word. Both claim that painting their toes keeps them sane and optimistic in the worst of circumstances.  So, on this Mothers Day here in the UK…lets reflect on that and whilst we are at it, take a look at some of the latest colours from Chanel and Nars.