Sunday Times Style section

Sunday Times Style section

Just to make you feel better about eating lots of sugar over the next few days here’s my piece on sweets which I wrote for Style, The Sunday Times.

Not sure all of you will be able to read it unless you have a subscription… but still, just know that if this your idea of heaven……..

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

………you are not alone.

Wear black tomorrow – here’s why…..

Alexander Wang














And, just in case you have any last minute gifts to buy… are my last words on the subject See below for my favourite panic purchase..

Aspinal Hip Flask

Aspinal Hip Flask




I loved Kinder Aggugini’s costumes for the Rite of Spring, part of the ENB’s Beyond Ballet Russes season. Great dancing too, in that particular piece. Why don’t the ENB give up on trying to be a ‘me too’ Royal Ballet and lay claim to the contemporary dance space instead? They would be much better placed if they did that. An awkward moment pre the beautifully danced- L’Après-midi d’un faune when the ‘faune’ appeared bearing an erect tail and an unfortunate costume which had the audience wondering if they were privy to a French and Saunders comedy sketch rehearsal.  Here’s a snap of Kinder’s costumes – punk meets Chanel I think, very ‘on Kinder’ message.

on another more sugary note… the best place for Haribo in North West London is the news stand outside St John’s Wood Tube Station – note the options – all hanging… It helps of course that they are selling my own ‘organ’ The Wall St Journal….

namaste and happy saturdayxxx

i just road/run tested these on Hampstead Heath for an hour. Was definitely sweaty when I finished. Not as convincing as Bikram, but for those of us who don’t want to sweat heavily in a tiny room with twenty others, but want to run and  heat the parts that the run can’t and a diet won’t shift- these might be the answer….Zaggora. Lots of testimonials on the site, see for yourself.. Basically feels like running in a wetsuit. I’m going to test the shorts at my next Bikram session. Euw..