I’ve been away for a while so here’s a recap of what i’ve been up to in the last week or so… How to dress like The Queen: last Friday’s column in The Wall St Journal – I’m a republican (of the French variety) but still, you have to hand it to a woman who has created her own style and stuck to it for 60 years…. read it here

other stuff I’ve come across in the course of my working week….

Linda Evangelista look-alike currently working as a waitress at Granger &Co Notting Hill

very cool shades courtesy of Christian Dior and cupcake Lisa

dog in store …..Notting Hill again..

what all the best dressed ‘kids on the street’ are wearing – this time in Primrose Hill

UPS man’s Brazilian bracelet (purchased on a Rio beach)

Parliament Hill before a rainstorm (plenty of those around at the moment)…

Anya Hindmarch’s Maud – in celebration of Lizzie II complete with paper tiara and instructions for royal wave……


two friends have succumbed to the dreaded….

if you get these you will know that the only known cure in the UK is…

whilst in the USA its…..

and.. whilst my mood is tending more towards the..

than the full on…..

an unfortunate incident has me teetering on the edge and taking precautions, which include looking at incredible pictures like this one…erm snapped during a tour of the unspeakably good Hockney before they told me I couldn’t…

It’s called That’s Switzerland That Was ..apparently painted after Hockney visited the country with two friends and, because he was seated in the back of a van, driven at speed, saw only glimpses of the landscape. It reminds me of a good friend of mine who loves both Hockney and Switzerland…..

the other alternative is to visit….

I recommend the Nutella crepes

conversely you could cancel out the black by hanging out with a red…(she’s mine and she helps)..