Here’s my piece on talented cellist turned musician Anna Hu – she set a world record at Christies when she sold her Orpheus ring at Christies in Hong Kong earlier this year………


btw.. here’s something I never thought I’d publish on my blog; pics of You Know Who, wearing Anna  to the Met Ball..


Sunday Times Style section

Sunday Times Style section

Just to make you feel better about eating lots of sugar over the next few days here’s my piece on sweets which I wrote for Style, The Sunday Times.

Not sure all of you will be able to read it unless you have a subscription… but still, just know that if this your idea of heaven……..

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

Sweetie, darling.. ?The Sunday Times

………you are not alone.

Wear black tomorrow – here’s why…..

Alexander Wang














And, just in case you have any last minute gifts to buy… are my last words on the subject See below for my favourite panic purchase..

Aspinal Hip Flask

Aspinal Hip Flask



People always ask me what I like about The Hamptons – is it the chi-chi restaurants, the chic shopping, the smart people or the spectacular houses? Actually it’s none of the above. What I like about Long Island (for I do not live in what is technically termed ‘The Hamptons’) can be summed up in these pictures…..Image

the dock at the end of my road….

Imagefriends on the beach…

Imagejust another day at … the beach…

Imagethe bay where I Stand Up Paddleboard…

Imagemy local library….

Imagegreat runs….

Imagedog walkers…….

Imagepossibly the world’s most expensive deli with the world’s best iced tea and coffee cake (see above)

and then, obviously there are a couple of totally Hampton’s like things which, inevitably, one can’t help but be fascinated by….

Imagethe most beautiful house in the village…..

and well, I’m just going to say it – though it does me no favours whatsoever…..

the second hand Hermes bag store in Southampton – yes they really are Hermes (and Chanel and Celine and Bottega) and yes these guys source them from everywhere – no website yet – why? Because they are TOO DAMN BUSY to build one…I know it’s shallow, but visit if you can, because it’s a wonderful historic treasure trove of bags (as they used to be….)Image



Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a certain sort of Uber Euro Male I find deeply irritating. I wrote about ‘him’ today in my WSJ column………

uber euro maleEarlier in the week I went to the opening of the Ballgown exhibit at the V&A. If you want to know what I really thought about that you’ll need to read my column next Friday. But in the meantime, the very good bits were the projections onto the domed ceiling of the newly refurbished wing…

ImageImageImagemeanwhile… I don’t approve of Fakes but sometimes… they are ingenious. Here’s my friend Frances’s brilliant Chanel…. well actually its her daughter Eliza’s. Eliza found it at a vintage store in NYC apparently


and finally. Isn’t it time the term ‘trainer shame’ was introduced? By which I mean if you need to pay money to someone to put your through your paces over some sort of preposterous assault course in a public park in view of the whole world; you might need to think about getting a new life, or a new trainer or alternatively, just find some place private for your ritual humiliation….