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i wasn’t at every show (far from it, I’ve grown picky) but these are some of the better moments amusing and otherwise…including Burberry

Henrys vacuuming the carpet before Christopher Kane

Very cool sunnies at Acne

Slebish front row at Christopher Kane. She’s got great legs that Chung chick….

slebish front row at Burberry many head to toe in Burb….

view from front row -runway with Albert memorial in background

in fact, loved the Burberry show. Check out the pockets and belts. Townie meets country with some Tudorish influences.

Great detailing….

only Burberry and the late great Alexander McQueen before them could make it rain……

synthetic rain inside.. as heavily reported, and not a Burb check in sight..

specially constructed press arena out front…a la The Oscars… which goes a long way to proving my point that Burberry are the new Armani….

I loved these shows… Christopher Kane for his fabulous shapes, delicious colours and his ability to move things along and Acnestudios for its gritty urban chic.

here’s a visual rundown…

first acne…..

note the high waists and great colours

slightly sixties/seventies vibe..

Christopher Kane – a lavender runway – scented too.. with a color spectrum from black to vibrant red…

the long, wide carpeted runway….

the end… a sophisticated graduation of colour….

next up, inside Burberry…

It might be a measure of my age that I didn’t recognize the attractive blonde sitting next to me at John Rocha, but the paps did….


Here’s a snapshot of how the show unfolded..

lights down…

…. note the black socks and shoes…

great sexy dresses which pleases the press pack

she’s not a blogger, but then again she looks like she’s under 10, so maybe she soon will be..?

Nice  colour ………….

The end……lovely slinky silhouettes


At Primrose Bakery the girls are baking up a storm for London Fashion Week.

Co-owner Lisa Thomas and the bakery’s resident mad scientist has dreamed up some rose, lavender and orange water flavoured ‘bombes’ which are allegedly lower in calories than the original cupcakes. Here’s some backstage bakery action….

the ‘bombes’

the best bits..

The chef is headed for sugar rehab….

A very fashionable order….

co-owner Lisa Thomas strikes a pose..

Front of House at Primrose Bakery, Primrose Hill