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I’ve been away for a while so here’s a recap of what i’ve been up to in the last week or so… How to dress like The Queen: last Friday’s column in The Wall St Journal – I’m a republican (of the French variety) but still, you have to hand it to a woman who has created her own style and stuck to it for 60 years…. read it here

other stuff I’ve come across in the course of my working week….

Linda Evangelista look-alike currently working as a waitress at Granger &Co Notting Hill

very cool shades courtesy of Christian Dior and cupcake Lisa

dog in store …..Notting Hill again..

what all the best dressed ‘kids on the street’ are wearing – this time in Primrose Hill

UPS man’s Brazilian bracelet (purchased on a Rio beach)

Parliament Hill before a rainstorm (plenty of those around at the moment)…

Anya Hindmarch’s Maud – in celebration of Lizzie II complete with paper tiara and instructions for royal wave……


i just road/run tested these on Hampstead Heath for an hour. Was definitely sweaty when I finished. Not as convincing as Bikram, but for those of us who don’t want to sweat heavily in a tiny room with twenty others, but want to run and  heat the parts that the run can’t and a diet won’t shift- these might be the answer….Zaggora. Lots of testimonials on the site, see for yourself.. Basically feels like running in a wetsuit. I’m going to test the shorts at my next Bikram session. Euw..


Here’s to a good start to the week… and some stuff I didn’t have time to mention before…


I’ve been at home all weekend…kidding. This is Kenwood House, one of the most underrated places in London……and

this is for a friend of mine (who likes lamps) and who has recently suffered a disappointment from which I know she will quickly recover, principally because she is in the magazine business and she knows what matters in life.. hint.. not the stuff on the page..


A few cute things from  London fashion week I didn’t mention before:

boys in shorts serving drinks at Acne (quite right too….)

my friend Yana ‘Intelligence Squared‘ Peel’s fabulous nails… as seen during coffee at the lovely Delaunay


cute girls at the Burberry show…

good gloves to start the week in……

namaste x

I loved these shows… Christopher Kane for his fabulous shapes, delicious colours and his ability to move things along and Acnestudios for its gritty urban chic.

here’s a visual rundown…

first acne…..

note the high waists and great colours

slightly sixties/seventies vibe..

Christopher Kane – a lavender runway – scented too.. with a color spectrum from black to vibrant red…

the long, wide carpeted runway….

the end… a sophisticated graduation of colour….

next up, inside Burberry…

At Primrose Bakery the girls are baking up a storm for London Fashion Week.

Co-owner Lisa Thomas and the bakery’s resident mad scientist has dreamed up some rose, lavender and orange water flavoured ‘bombes’ which are allegedly lower in calories than the original cupcakes. Here’s some backstage bakery action….

the ‘bombes’

the best bits..

The chef is headed for sugar rehab….

A very fashionable order….

co-owner Lisa Thomas strikes a pose..

Front of House at Primrose Bakery, Primrose Hill