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This is the first in a series of ‘perfect pieces’ – funny how most of my friends seem to own the things I ‘really need’ in my wardrobe. Am longing to have a jumble sale (designer and otherwise) of stuff I just don’t want and start to de-clutter my life… It’s a conversation I’ve been having with lots of women recently. Seems everyone is thinking the same thing. In any case, my friend perfumer Lyn Harris, of Miller Harris always looks chic. Here’s what she was wearing during our breakfast the other day that I coveted….

There is really only one trainer to buy, so you can chuck out the others…

martin margiela trainers

Everyone needs a Pea Coat in their wardrobe whether its from M&S or by rock chick designer Isabel Marant….

Isabel Marant Pea Coat

another view of the Pea coat...

Last but not least… a beautiful, practical, perfect sized Margiela bag..